The First Tee Course Reporter, Alexander Karhunen

First Tee2My name is Alexander Karhunen, I am a Junior Reporter for the First Tee of West Michigan. Being a Junior Reporter I had the ability to witness what goes on during the practice days of the 2015 Meijer LPGA Classic.Throughout the practice days there was a lot of action going on. I was able to interview many of the golfers, and I asked all of them the same question. “What is your main focus of practice to prepare for the upcoming tournament?” Here are what three of golfers said.

Tiffany Joh replied, “When you first get to a golf course its all about the speed of the greens.  You’re hitting a lot more of the longer lag putts, and that’s pretty much everybody’s top priority. Your long game is gonna be whatever you brought so that’s not going to change very much, but one thing you could definitely work on during the week and actually improve in your speed control on the greens.

Christine Meier said, “I think this week it’s going to be a lot of off the tee because it's really crucial that you hit the fairways. The rough is very thick and heavy, so if I hit the fairways it would be easier.” Christine Meier was also one of the two ladies who qualified from the Big Ten to play in the Meijer LPGA Classic.

Kim Kaufman said, “Right now I am focusing on hitting some wedges because I think this is a scoring golf course and if you a hit some good wedges on these par fives and make under par that can be very important.”

Not only was I able to interview golfers while they were practicing on the course, I was also able to attend some of the press conferences. I had the ability to talk to Inbee Park and Mirim Lee. I asked Inbee Park “Where do you spend most of your time on a practice day like today? For example the putting green, the course, or the driving range.”

Inbee Park replied “On a practice round I usually spend like thirty minutes on the range, and thirty minutes on the putting green, and then I try to play nine holes.”

I asked Mirim “What age did you start golfing and what made you like it so much that you ended up pursuing it as a career?”

Mirim Lee replied by saying, “I started at 12 years old and then my father was really, really, good so my reason is my father.

I was very lucky to have the opportunity to be the Junior Course Reporter at the Meijer LPGA Classic 2015, and get to meet some amazing golfers. On top of everything I learned from the golfers, I also got to see what goes on behind the scenes at golf tournaments like this one. I'm looking forward to seeing how the rest of the tournament turns out!